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Trademark Registration

A trademark is a sign, word, image or combination of image and text that personalizes the products and services of a business from the goods and services of other businesses. A business can use designs, letters, slogans, symbols, designs, letters etc. .

  • Benefits of Registering a Trademark
    • There are many benefits to register a trade mark it helps to save your brand names. It save from misuse of your products and helps to grow your business. Now trade registration has been made mandatory of e-commerce.
    • The Intellectual property organization of Pakistan (IPO) is government organization which issue trade mark number and register the trade marks. The head office and trade mark registry is located in Karachi. The most ancient organization of Pakistan minting the records from the first day of independence and the record of trade marks issued before freedom are also kept by the IPO.
  • Procedure

Registration of User To registration a user following information is required

      • Name
      • CNIC
      • Email
      • Cell Number
      • Business Name
      • Correspondence Address
      • Business Address

TM Number

TM number is first step towards registering trade mark, it required filing of TM 1, description of good and services offered and other matters relation to business and other personal information.

  • Examination

Examination is second step of Trade Mark Registration process, a detailed examination of applied trade mark is made to make ensure that applied trade mark is totally distinctive from any applied or already registered trade mark. This process make detailed examination phonic, design, symbol and other aspects are checked.

  • Publication

Publication is third step of Trade Mark Registration process, in this process applied trade mark is published in Trade Mark Journal any person/business/company which thinks that the applied trade mark has resemblance with her registered trade mark may file opposition or challenge the registration process .

  • Registration Certificate

It is last process , If no opposition is filed then  a demand form issued to deposit required fee and submit other details, after depositing  fee trade mark certificate is issued.

Trademark Registration