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NTN Registration

The NTN (National Tax Number) is the most important document for both salaried and business personnel; it is like the identification number of a business. NTN of Salaried Person: Rs. 500/- only Business: Rs. 2000/- Only Company: Rs. 10,000/- Only Read More....

Filing for Individuals

Required documents, details and other information needed to file tax return mentioned against each category We provide tax return filing services for salaried and other Individuals Fees starting from 2500/- Read more....

Filing for Businesses

Filing of Business (Sole Proprietors) Bank Account Statement for a particular tax year (tax year 2023, from July 1st, 2022, until June 30th, 2023) of Business and Individual / personal bank accounts (starting from Rs 10,000/-) Read more

Company Registration

Starting from Rs. 6500/- Read more.....

Trademark Register

Starting from Rs. 8000/- Read more....

General Sales tax / Provincial Tax registration

starting from RS. 10000/-Read more

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"Active Consultancy" is the legitimate owner of "Smart Filer"

Our Mission :To enhance the tax culture of Pakistan by educating the people about its benefits while providing quality tax filing and consultation services with dedication and integrity to meet clients’ needs and preferences.

Our Vision: To become the leading tax filing and consultation agency in Pakistan by rendering top-notch professional services, while leveraging our honesty and commitment to cultivating the future of tax filing within the country. 

main principles

Why Smart Filer?


A team of Taxeperts with empathy, honesty, and devotion as their greatest traits. 


We take pride in hitting the bull’s eye with our calculations, facts, and figures. 


All your data & information is absolutely safe, secure & encrypted with us at SmartFiler.


Industries What We Serve

At Smart Filer

1. Software house registration
2. Call centre registration
3. PEC Registration
4. Withholding Tax Statement
5. Sales Tax filling
6. Company Accounts

Become a tax filer in 3 ‘Easy’ steps


Step 1

Creating your account is the first step for you towards becoming a filer. Signup with us and create your Free account.


Step 2

Fill in your financial details, guaranteed to be fully encrypted and secured. Our automatic system will process and accumulate the number for you.


Step 3

Leave the rest to us. Our Texperts will arrange, check, recheck and submit your return while you relax and wait for us to notify.


Why Become An Active Tax Filer?

Savings on Tax

Gain maximum returns on unclaimed tax credits and return on investments. Fine-tune your utility and property taxes.

Minimize Withholding Tax

Being a filer has its perks in Withholding Tax deduction. Withholding Tax is deducted at a higher rate by banks, suppliers etc. for non-filers.

Dodge Penalties

Avoid prosecution and penalties from the FBR for not filing on your tax return.

Be a Proud Citizen

Be an Active Filer Today!


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We help you see the world differently, discover opportunities you may never have imagined and achieve results that bridge what is with what can be.